Exercise Science BS/ Epidemiology MPH

Through this five-year program, you will earn a BS degree in exercise science and an MPH degree with a concentration in epidemiology.

In combining the BS and MPH programs, you will consider exercise and prevention from a population- and community-based perspective. You will learn to approach preventive solutions to issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity from a more global view.


The science-based BS curriculum encompasses how human movement influences health, fitness, performance and disease prevention. You will complete 110 credits of coursework. The program consists of a prerequisite phase followed by a professional training sequence. Our prerequisite courses  cover nutrition, psychology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, anatomy and human physiology while the professional sequence coursework includes gross human anatomy; athletic injury; exercise assessment, prescription and programming; neuroscience, exercise physiology, exercise nutrition, life-span physiology, biomechanics and applications in exercise science.

Our MPH curriculum will provide a comprehensive understanding of public health philosophy, as well as the practical knowledge and skills needed to address current and emerging public health problems. You will complete 46 credits, including the coursework and a culminating project.

Internship and Field Training Experiences

The exercise science program requires an practicum while the MPH program requires a field training experience. We recommend that you integrate this hands-on learning experience by completing three credits of practicum followed by three credits of the field training during the summer of your fourth year in the program.


Whether you are an exercise science student looking to integrate epidemiology into your work or an epidemiology student interested in promoting an active lifestyle, the BS/MPH program can create new career opportunities, including conducting research in the exercise sciences or planning, administering and evaluating physical activity education programs. Our graduates have gone on to work in academia, health departments, medical centers and private corporations.