SPHHP Outstanding Teacher of the Year

This award is presented to a faculty member whose recent teaching performance, initiatives, publications and/or presentations demonstrate outstanding contributions to education within the School of Public Health and Health Professions.


Each Chair may solicit nominations as he/she sees fit, but self-nominations to the Chair will be accepted. Each Chair will nominate one person from his/her department for this award, and will forward a cover letter, recent CV, and at the Chair's discretion, any other supporting materials deemed appropriate. Nominees' application materials shall be considered by a Selection Committee composed of the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs (who shall chair the committee) and each department Chair's designee. The selected nominee's name (with nomination materials) will be forwarded to the Dean for final approval.


This award is designed to recognize a faculty member with a documented record of teaching excellence over the previous 1-5 years. Descriptions of new teaching methods or initiatives and/or publications and presentations related to teaching may also be considered positive evidence of excellence. Awardees may be in any stage of their academic career, but must be full-time members of one of the School's departments/units.


Approximately 4 weeks before the date of the annual J. Warren Perry Lecture, which generally takes place in late October or early November.