UB Distinguished Professor


  • Candidate must have been a Full Professor for at least five (5) years before being nominated.
  • Candidate should be viewed as a leader in his or her field.
  • Candidate must have achieved national or international prominence and a distinguished reputation within his or her chosen field through significant contributions to the research/scholarly literature; or, through artistic performance or achievement in the case of the fine arts.
  • The quality of the research/scholarship, creative activity, or artistic performance must be unambiguous and unequivocal. Nothing less than excellence is acceptable for this designation. Such excellence must not only have been demonstrated; it must be expected to continue.
  • Designation as a UB Distinguished Professor should be considered as a rank not an award.
  • No base salary increase accompanies this designation.
  • No more than two percent (2%) of the full professors within a School would normally be considered for this form of recognition in any given year, with no more than five percent (5%) having this rank within the University at any given time.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Dossier Preparation

  • Following the Dean's consultation with faculty members of a nominee's Department, the Dean requests a dossier be prepared for each nominee.
  • The preparation of the dossier and its review should be conducted without the knowledge of the candidate and with the highest degree of confidentiality so that a candidate will not experience any negative reaction should the outcome not be positive.
  • The dossier should include an updated C.V., a Personnel Transaction Form indicating an in-house title of UB Distinguished Professor, and a minimum of five (5) external letters from distinguished figures in the candidate's field who are at excellent institutions. These letters should be from disinterested individuals, i.e. persons who have nothing to gain or lose with regard to the ultimate decision concerning the candidate. In addition, the dossier should include copies of others' publications which demonstrate the impact of the candidates work on their own work.

Review Process

  • Following a review of the dossier at the Department level, the Chair should forward the dossier to the Dean along with his/her recommendation.
  • Similarly, the dossier is reviewed at the School level, and the Dean's office will forward the dossier to the Provost along with his/her recommendation.
  • Upon receipt of the dossier in the Provost Office, the nomination will be reviewed by the President's Review Board who will, in turn, make its recommendation to the Provost. The Provost will then make a recommendation to the President, whose decision will be final.

SPHHP Due Date

  • January 31