Go from blah to hurrah during the seventh annual Step Challenge, April 1 to 30!

Registration's open until April 7!

Open to anyone in and related to the UB and Western New York communities, the challenge is a great way to boost your mood and reconnect with colleagues and friends. You'll track your daily step activity and see your progress along with other steppers' and teams' efforts. You'll also see the cumulative progress of all steppers on a map that shows where, worldwide, UB alumni live!

So lace up your shoes, take a deep breath, and step!

On this page:

How do I join and get started?

Can I participate on my own, or do I have to join a team?

Individual participation

Individual Participation.

If you want to participate in the 2021 Step Challenge, simply sign up. You don't have to join a team to participate. You can create a team later or accept an invitation to a team if you receive one.

Team Participation

Individual Participation.

Encourage one another to step by signing up as a team! You can join or create a team once you've joined the 2021 Step Challenge.

  • Teams are made up of two to 15 people.
  • You can join a team by accepting an invitation from the team captain.
  • If you want to change the team you belong to once the challenge begins on April 1, request the change from your team administrator/captain.

What's the challenge schedule?

Each week of the challenge begins on Thursday and ends the following Wednesday through April 30.

  • Week 1: April 1 to 7
  • Week 2: April 8 to 14
  • Week 3: April 15 to 21
  • Week 4: April 22 to 28
  • Final days: April 29 and 30

Which devices connect and sync?

StepSense connects and syncs with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health and Google Fit. All other trackers (Misfit, Withings, Wyze, Omron, Polar, Strava, Honor Band, Samsung Health, etc.) sync data to Apple Health or Google Fit, which then sync with StepSense.

Can I win prizes?

step challenge prizes.

This year, everyone has more chances to win prizes like gift cards, a Theragun, Bose Sport Headset and more! Winners will be announced each week of the contest with final winners announced at the end of the challenge.

Prize categories

Weekly prizes

    $25 gift cards--to five randomly chosen participants who took steps each day during the week

Final prizes

  • Theragun Mini portable deep-muscle massage device--to one winner randomly chosen from the top 15 steppers on the leaderboard
  • Bose Sport Headset or Fitbit (winners' choice)--to five randomly chosen winners among steppers who met the activity goal they set in StepSense each day during the challenge
  • Bose Sport Headset or Fitbit (winner's choice)--to the one most improved stepper
  • Oxford Buffalo pennant--to the leaderboard's top three teams' steppers

More prize rules

  • To be eligible for the random weekly participation prizes, you must sync/submit your steps on a daily basis. You have up to seven days to enter your daily steps.
  • Participants on teams also qualify for individual prizes.
  • Team data in the leaderboard is the average number of steps of all team members.
  • Results for the winning teams displayed in the app are not final. Challenge administrators will confirm the results before announcing the final winners.

How can I share how I'm doing?

#UBSteps18 social media contest.

Post pictures and videos of you (and your team) participating in the 2021 Step Challenge right in StepSense or on social media.

  1. Share in the StepSense chat board right in the app.
  2. Follow the School of Public Health and Health Professions' Step Challenge Facebook page or other social media channels (Twitter and Instagram).
  3. Post to any of those channels using the hashtag #UBSteps21.  



What happens if my steps aren't tracked correctly?

  • Smartphone fitness app: Log out of and log back into the StepSense app.
  • Fitness tracker: Sync your device using the tracker manufacturer's app or website.
  • If your data still doesn't show up on StepSense or is incorrect, use your browser to navigate to the tracker manufacturer's website (fitbit.com, garmin.com, etc.), log in with your ID and password, and make sure your data is being uploaded to the website.
  • Remember, your step data is NOT pulled from the fitness tracker itself. It is pulled from the tracker’s website (e.g., fitbit.com, garmin.com). If you see 10,000 steps on your device and fewer or no steps on StepSense, sync your device, log into your tracker’s website, and check your steps. That should clear up almost all discrepancies. 
  • For more assistance and troubleshooting, email support@mystepandgo.com.

How do I get help with the StepSense app?

Email the StepSense Support Team at support@mystepandgo.com for answers to your questions about using the app.


Contact us at sphhp-step-challenge@buffalo.edu for information about registration, rules, prizes and accessibility accommodations.

Steppers, stay safe and healthy!
  • Walk on your own if possible, or strictly minimize the number of people you walk with.
  • If you walk with someone else, use the #SixFeet rule to keep a safe distance between you.
  • Go virtual: walk at the same time but connect via chat or FaceTime.
  • Stay home if you are sick. Learn the CDC recommendations for what to do if you are sick.


For participants who need alternative access, the StepSense app asks if you identify as having a disability. If you select "yes," it will allow you to enter your activity manually.

Policies, Terms and Conditions

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