A key part of our service is to assess how people with disabilities use Assistive Technology (AT) devices to help maximize their independence in everyday activities.

We provide assessments for current technology and assistive devices, including:

  • Evaluation of assistive technology devices related to a person’s abilities and needs
  • Assessment for computer access, ergonomics, environmental control, positioning and daily activities
  • Coordination of hands-on trials with various assistive devices
  • Configuration of various devices to enable function, participation and increased independence
  • Use of alternate input and output devices for computer and device access
  • Assessment for AT for reading, writing and other learning needs
  • Use of devices to assist with function, participation and independence in various activities including work, education and daily living activities

Assessments are conducted:

  • At our accessible and ergonomically designed workstations in the Center for Assistive Technology (CAT) Client Services office
  • At on-site locations in schools and educational environments, work sites and in home and community environments

We offer AT assessments to people with disabilities in the eight counties of Western New York, and other regions as requested.