Isameldin Hamza

Ismaldin Hamza.

Isameldin Hamza is a current student in the Individualized MPH program.

How did you become interested in public health?

I am a physician, who practiced medicine across different regions in Sudan. Having served in many underprivileged areas in Sudan, I found myself gravitating toward an interest in population health.

Why did you choose UB?

I believe the quality and structure of the courses UB offers in the MPH programs is allowing me to gain the necessary knowledge and tools for building my career as a health professional. Nationwide, it is well-known for its extensive research work and the research opportunities that it offers for students.   

Tell us more about your experience in the community health and health behavior MPH program.

I have really enjoyed the fact that we have a high level of accessibility to all learning resources. The program is also a friendly atmosphere and I have received great academic support from instructors, staff and students. There is a great level of coordination between departments, offering cross collaboration opportunities. In addition, the teaching style is unique in the fact that we are combining all aspects of learning and developing analytical and critical thinking skills.

What do you enjoy the most about the community health and health behavior MPH program?

I really enjoy the welcoming environment and diversity. The availability and convenience of accessing learning resources is also a positive.

How does receiving a degree from UB SPHHP set you apart?

UB is a nationally reputable learning institution, and with its well-constructed MPH program, I will excel in further postgraduate studies and be distinguished in my future workplace.