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Frank Nugent

Janet Austin.

Frank Nugent is a current undergraduate student in exercise science at the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions.

How did you become interested in exercise science as your field of study?

I was always interested in not only the functions of the human body, but how those functions could be improved or modified through the means of exercise and health. I’ve been playing sports my whole life, so the topics of athletic development within the human body and the science behind these interests of study has always been a target of curiosity for me.

Why did you choose UB?

I actually never visited UB before I applied and enrolled here. The first time I heard of UB was when I heard a running back on my high school football team got offered to play there. As I did more extensive online research and saw how big the school actually was in its physical size and enrollment, I knew it was a perfect fit for me and my goals. When I discovered the exercise science major was here and was a distinguished program, I knew that this is where I had to be.

Tell us more about your experience in the exercise science program.

I am currently a sophomore going into junior year, so my coursework in actual exercise science classes has not been too prominent yet, but with classes such as physiology, intro to exercise science, and human form and function, I have been able to connect the dots on many physiological principles and gain a general foundation of information on what’s to come in the following years. Despite them being challenging courses, the lab sciences of chemistry and physics have taught me how to think critically and become a better overall science student rather than merely having knowledge of major-related material.

What do you enjoy the most about the exercise science program?

I love the community that the major builds. Everyone is on the same team in the program. We all share the same passion and everyone is willing to help each other and provide support. Knowing that I am in a major that is challenging but highly enjoyable is a perfect fit for me. I don't think that is something you will find often in other majors.

How does receiving a degree from UB SPHHP set you apart?

Being a health professional in this field is a huge responsibility, but I feel obtaining a degree from UB SPHHP sets me apart because I will be prepared to do whatever is necessary to improve public health and will understand the role science plays in improving the lives of people around the world.