Amanda Ziegler, MPH

amanda ziegler.

While some would call juggling a full-time job with attending graduate school a challenge, Amanda Ziegler called it the best of both worlds. 

As project coordinator for the Nutrition and Health Research Lab in UB’s Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, she's been gaining valuable professional experience while also preparing for the next phase of her career with an MPH degree in health services administration.

Originally a pre-med student, Ziegler earned an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University at Rochester.

Working within the School of Public Health and Health Professions has helped her broaden her interests. “I’ve been moving away from interest in the individual treatment of health conditions and wanting to deal with more large-scale factors related to health,” she said. “Learning about the population approach to health fits better with my ideals in the long-term.”

While a student, Ziegler was impressed with the program curriculum, which combined an understanding of public health philosophy with practical skills about creating and assessing health programs and policies. “I liked the range of knowledge we learned in the program,” she said. “I don’t think it would be possible to gather this much knowledge about public health in the United States and in New York without a formalized and balanced curriculum, like the one UB offers.”

She also appreciated the learning environment. “The classes are small yet diverse,” she said. “Students are able to engage with each other and with professors.