Undergraduate Programs

Prepare for a meaningful career helping people live healthier lives with our undergraduate program in exercise science or our combined degree programs leading to BS/MS or BS/MPH degrees.

Programs of Study

Exercise Science and Athletic Training BS/MS

Advance your training in statistical theory, methods and applications to help prepare for the pursuit of a doctoral degree or direct entry into the workplace.

Exercise Science BS

Study how human movement influences health, fitness, performance and disease prevention.

Exercise and Nutrition BS/MS

Combine your undergraduate and graduate education with the ultimate wellness degree.

Exercise Science and Epidemiology BS/MPH

Consider exercise and prevention from a population and community-based perspective with this combined degree program.

Occupational Therapy BS/MS

Learn how to help people achieve or regain independence with our research-based and practice-oriented program.

Public Health BS

Gain the skills necessary to understand the complex factors that influence the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations and to take a public health approach to addressing these factors to improve health outcomes for both individuals and societies.

Statistics BA

From assessing public opinions through surveys to forecasting business trends to evaluating the effectiveness of medical treatments, there is and will continue to be a demand for individuals who can provide a statistical skill set.