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We're a team of social content creators, managers, and all-around fun birds. And we love birds, especially our south campus resident falcons! Collaborating on content across the school of public health and health professions and public health programs is what social media is all about. Let's get to it!


Caryn's memoji.
Media Manager

Favorite bird:
Northern Cardinal 🐧


Miranda's memoji.
Assistant Director MPH

Favorite bird:
American Crow 🦅


Julia's memoji.
Marketing Assistant

Favorite bird: 
Canada Goose gosling 🐣


Sarah's memoji.
Podcast Manager

Favorite bird: 
Eastern Bluebird 🐦


Nihi's memoji.
Content Creator MPH

Favorite bird:
Common Nighthawks 🦅

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New Members


Datima's memoji.
Communications Assistant

Favorite bird:
Parrot 🦜

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The #UBuffalo Pathways Academy program,
an immersive introduction to public health and health professions. Our goal is to increase the awareness and diversity of the #PublicHealth and #HealthProfessions workforce among rising high school seniors of color.