Planning is the cornerstone of every successful event! Use the information below to begin planning your upcoming event.

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Check with all necessary department event coordinators as needed to avoid double booking. Find out the Dean's availability before confirming dates by emailing the executive assistant.

Department Event Coordinators

  • CHHB: Jennifer Battisti Turkovich
  • EEH: Karen DeGarmo
  • ENS: Maureen Lannen
  • RS: Emily Luchterhand

Securing an On-campus Space

Identify date, time and location based on availability.

Lecture Recordings/Live Streaming

If you will be using any individual as the subject of a photo or video shoot, please make sure this person completes the model release form. It grants the university full usage of the photo or video assets in perpetuity.

UB Event Calendar

Add confirmed dates to the UB calendar.