2019 Perry Poster Day Awards


  • Yuging Xue - Interval Estimation of Proportion Ratios for Correlated Binary Data in Stratified Bilateral Sample Design

Community Health and Health Behavior

  • Onwaniqua Heard (Masters Level) - Disparities in Genomic Medicine: Breast Cancer Genetic Testing in African Americans
  • Amanda K. Crandall (Doctoral Level) - The Intersection of Food Insecurity and Food Sensitization

Epidemiology and Environmental Health

  • Gauri Desai (Holger Schunemann Best Student Research Award) - B-Vitamin Intake and Arsenic Methylation among Children: Does it Matter when Arsenic Exposure is Low?
  • Jennifer Mongiovi (Runner-up for Best Student Research Award) - Oral Contraceptive Use and Risk of Highly Fatal Ovarian Cancer:  Evidence from the Ovarian Cancer Association
  • Rebecca R. Simich (MPH Poster Award – Epidemiology) – Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in Pregnant Women and Preterm Birth and Low Birth-Weight Outcomes
  • J. Reinier F. Narvaez (MPH Poster Award – Health Services Administration) – Hard to Place Kidney Offers: Granular Examination of Donor Risk Factors for Discard
  • Lauren L. Slowiak (MPH Poster Award – Health Services Administration) – Preoperative Weight Loss Programs in Bariatric Surgery Patients and How They Compare with Postoperative Care

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

  • Wenjie Ji (Masters Level) - Cerebral Blood Velocity Increases during Face Cooling in Symptomatic Concussed Athletes
  • Hayden W. Hess (Doctoral level) – Carotid Body Chemosensitivity is not Attenuated during Hyperbaric Hyperoxia

Rehabilitation Science

  • Kerry Bourke, Kathryn Eberle Cohen, Ashley Evans, Cheryl Porzi, Jennetta Siracuse (Master’s level) - Frailty Status and Dependence in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Receiving Concurrent Chemoradiation
  • Michael R. Brown (Doctoral level) – Chronic Neck Pain Does Not Influence Implicit Motor Learning of an Upper Limb Reaching Task