Students with a BS Degree

Rehabilitation Science white coat ceremony.

Rehabilitation Science white coat ceremony.

Students who will have an earned bachelor’s or higher degree that includes equivalent prerequisite coursework can apply directly to the graduate DPT program via PTCAS.

Applications and Deadlines

Applications to the graduate DPT program are for fall semester admission only; there are no spring semester admissions.

Apply by  Nov. 1  through the  PTCAS application,  and pay the additional, non-refundable $50 UB application fee. This fee is separate from the PTCAS application fee and is required.

Important Dates:

June 15: Application opens

Oct. 1: Soft deadline

Nov. 1: Final deadline

We strongly encourage you to have all of your materials submitted and your application in "verified" status by Oct. 1. 

Applications can take up to four weeks to be verified by PTCAS.​

Applications cannot be reviewed until they are in "verified" status.

You will receive an admissions decision in mid to late January.


Students are evaluated based on all materials submitted and will be considered in the context of all their accomplishments.

  • A GPA of 3.0 or above in prerequisite courses.
  • Volunteer Observation Hours: 40 hours of volunteer experience under a licensed physical therapist. Documentation of volunteer experience is part of the PTCAS application.
  • Personal Statement.
  • Contact information for two references
    • One reference must be from a physical therapist.
    • An additional reference can be from any one of the following: another physical therapist, a professor in your major, professor, a PTA, pre-PT advisor, health care professional or clergy.
    • The following references are NOT accepted: References from a teaching assistant, friend, family member, co-worker or anyone not on the approved list provided above.


Interviews will be held in two cohorts - the first set of interviews will be held after the Oct. 1 soft deadline, and the next set after the Nov. 1 final deadline.

Students must meet all of the requirements listed above, and must pay the additional $50 UB application fee in order to be interviewed. 

Admissions Decisions

An admissions decision will be provided in mid to late January. Decisions will not be sent before January 15.​

The following additional information can be found at

Questions about the PTCAS application and applying to the DPT program?

Please email Jaclyn Levesque, admissions and enrollment coordinator, at

Program questions?

Contact Mary Ann Venezia, program coordinator, at