Emergency Guide

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In the event of a FIRE/POLICE/MEDICAL emergency, dial (716) 645-2222

Then email sphhp-ert@buffalo.edu if safe to do so.

For non-emergency hazardous material concerns, dial (716) 829-3301

UB Alert Text/Email Messages

Building Evacuation Procedures

The School of Public Health and Health Professions maintains office, classroom and research space in several buildings on UB’s South Campus. The school’s Emergency Response Team is available to assist SPHHP staff in any location; however, each building maintains its own evacuation procedures.

For evacuation procedures in:

Emergency Response Team

The SPHHP’s Emergency Response Team coordinates efforts to maintain a safe and secure learning and work environment. In collaboration with University Police Services and UB Emergency Preparedness, the  team helps to prepare the school for emergency situations arising from fire, weather, violence or aggression, or any other emergency (including first response for physical or mental health emergencies). This preparation, a proactive one, provides advance planning for these emergency situations and includes ongoing evaluation of our procedures and resources.

The team is comprised of several coordinators:

name email phone office
April Whitehead whitehea@buffalo.edu (716) 829-6781 Kimball 405
Keith Conroy krconroy@buffalo.edu (716) 829-6762 Kimball 611
Greg Homish ghomish@buffalo.edu (716) 829-6959 Kimball 325
David Hostler dhostler@buffalo.edu (716) 829-6795 Kimball 212

Each coordinator is trained in CPR as well as in the use of the Automated External Defibrillators. In the event of an emergency, team coordinators are easily identified by florescent vests.

Communication among the team is available through a variety of electronic resources including portable radios. In the event of an evacuation or other emergency procedure, follow directives provided by the team.

For more information, contact any of the team coordinators or email us at sphhp-ert@buffalo.edu.

UB Human Resources Policies

UB Administration Services Gateway Policy Library includes a variety of documents related to emergency preparedness including discrimination and harassment, and domestic violence and the workplace, among many additional resources.

Faculty and Staff Safety Information

Student Safety Information