The Center for Assistive Technology (CAT) explores the functional utility of Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services in support of persons with disabilities.

Our federally sponsored research and development projects study, create and apply models, methods and metrics that link scientific research, engineering development and commercial production to transform knowledge into beneficial impacts. Our client service programs deliver assessment, training, demonstration and loan services to facilitate computer and environmental access in the context of school, work and independent living goals. Activities integrate multiple disciplines and span economic sectors to improve the quality of life for persons with any level of impairment, across all ages and within any environment.

Activities within these project areas are multidisciplinary and integrate government, academic, public health and business sectors to improve quality of life for persons with disabilities.

About the Center for Assistive Technology

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CAT conducts applied Research and Development and Client Service programs in AT for persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Research, Development and Commercialization

Client Assessment and Training Services

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CAT provides computer assessment and training services in the use of AT in Western New York