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Environmental Chamber

Environmental Chamber.

The environmental chamber, located in 18 Sherman Annex, is an environmental chamber capable of creating extreme cold and hot temperatures with a range of relative humidity control from 2-98%. The chillers and humidifiers have been refurbished by University Facilities and the chamber is in good working order.

Hyper/Hypobaric Chamber

The hyper/hypobaric chamber, located in 4 Sherman Annex, is a unique chamber designed to study both altitude and depth. This chamber was designed to simulate depths down to 5600 feet of seawater and up to 120,000 feet of altitude. A Defense University Research Infrastructure Program (DURIP) grant has been awarded to the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences for a full refurbishment.  

Hyper/Hypobaric Chamber.

Human Integrative Physiology Lab

Hyper/Hypobaric Chamber.

The Human Integrative Physiology Laboratory is located in 17 Farber Hall. The lab is fully equipped to study reflex control of the circulation and ventilation in human volunteers. Researchers use an assortment of measurement techniques to gain insights on how the body responds to a variety of experimental stressors. 

Thermal Physiology Lab

Hyper/Hypobaric Chamber.

The Thermal Physiology Laboratory, located in 21 Farber Hall, is a facility well equipped to study all aspects of how the human body copes with the thermal environment. The lab houses a unique dual environmental chamber, ‘Shuttle Box’, set up that permits quantitative assessment of thermoregulatory behavior in humans.