Live Burn Study.

2001 Live Burn study with firefighters and the Allegheny County (PA) Fire Academy to examine the cardiovascular effects of fire suppression.

About Us

The Emergency Responder Human Performance Lab (ERHPL) is dedicated to promoting the health and safety of emergency responders through research, education and application.

We aim to develop and improve national guidelines and operational practices. Specifically, we seek to improve performance and safety during firefighting, hazardous material incidents and emergencies resulting from chemical, biological and radiological agents. We do this by improving knowledge and understanding of the physiological stresses that accompany work in various forms of personal protective equipment.

The ERHPL is housed within the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions' Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences but serves as a resource for all of UB and for first responders across the nation. Until August 2013, the lab was located at the University of Pittsburgh.

ERHPL faculty and students work to accomplish this mission through research, education, and application.


Multidisciplinary research is key to improving first responder health and safety. ERHPL has adopted an integrative physiology approach where the end user defines the questions.

We work to maximize the use of current technology and to investigate and develop future technology to improve first responder safety.


Research has limited value unless it is disseminated to the end user. To accomplish this goal, ERHPL has a local and national presence providing educational programming to first responders. We also make our current research and previous projects and outcomes available on this website.


ERHPL is committed to distilling all applicable research to create guidelines for first responder operations. We are also committed to providing fitness and nutrition information relevant to first responders' unique needs.