The PhD training program in community health and health behavior is designed to enable students to do the following.

  • Synthesize empirical evidence in a specialty area in community health and health behavior. (CHB 698 Dissertation Guidance)
  • Apply ethical principles to research and professional practice. (CHB 605 Basic Research Methods for Community Health and Health Behavior; CHB 698 Dissertation Guidance)
  • Apply a core set of methodological skills (qualitative and/or quantitative) relevant to community health and health behavior research, needs assessment, and monitoring and evaluation of public health programs. (CHB 698 Dissertation Guidance)
  • Design and conduct original theory-based, evidence-driven community health and health behavior research. (CHB 698 Dissertation Guidance)
  • Communicate research ideas and findings to scientific and lay audiences. (CHB 698 Dissertation Guidance)
  • Evaluate the development, implementation, and utility of public health policies and/or programs designed to improve community health and health behaviors. (CHB 602 Community Health and Health Behavior Interventions)