Help others live longer, healthier lives: Become a nutrition expert in the Graduate Program in Clinical Nutrition.

If you want to become a professionally registered dietitian nutritionist with the MS RDN credential, explore UB’s accredited Graduate Degree Program in Clinical Nutrition. As a student in UB’s Clinical Nutrition Program, you’ll be prepared to become a graduate-trained registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) for service and practice in global and local communities. 

We provide experiences spanning five major areas of dietetics practice

  • nutrition care for people and groups
  • nutrition communication, education and technology
  • management of food and nutrition programs
  • leadership and business
  • research and evidence-informed practice

The program has affiliations with over 150 practice sites. So you’ll develop the competence to practice in 1:1 settings at organizations in Western New York, including large medical centers such as Buffalo General Medical Center.

What you’ll gain:

  • the ability to understand and translate scientific--and oftentimes detailed--research skills to successfully improve community health and wellness.
  • skills to assess and design nutrition plans to maximize health and performance; manage nutrition programs; and provide clinical nutrition expertise as an integral member of a collaborative health care team.
  • competency in interprofessional collaboration and communication, health promotion, disease prevention and intervention for a diverse society.
  • You’ll also benefit from UB's commitment to fostering a comprehensive and inclusive learning environment and access to world-class faculty and facilities, interdisciplinary collaboration, experiential learning and creative thinking.