Best Practices

What We Are Promoting

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We are generating core resources to help scholars and entrepreneurs improve their success in transforming outputs from their R&D projects into outcomes with beneficial socio-economic impacts.

Government agencies sponsoring R&D projects intending to benefit society are responsible for improving success through their Science Technology Innovation (STI) policies, while project managers are responsible for improving success through their STI practices.

Promote the use of established best practices

The industrial sector has devoted decades to codifying best practices in new product development. We promote these best practices as the sensible alternative to ad hoc approaches common to naive investigators. We help these same investigators strategically communicate their project findings to all relevant stakeholders for the purposes of transfer, adoption and application.

Encourage the revision of ineffective policies

Government employees — both elected and career — are ultimately responsible for the investment of public funds collected from taxpayers. Programs intending to benefit society must be held accountable for their rigor, relevance and results. Our efforts to increase success include evidence demonstrating how and why current policies fail to deliver the intended beneficial socio-economic impacts.

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