Our Alumni

Veer Nair, MPH '19

Veer nair.

How did you become interested in health services administration?

I have always been interested in the administrative aspect of organizations, especially those in health care. I have found that administration is often overlooked, however, it possesses great potential to improve public health. I find it fascinating how innovation and changes in the administrative structures and processes of organizations can lead to greater efficiency, resulting in a higher quality of care being delivered to a larger population.

Why did you choose to complete your MPH at UB?

I chose UB for its rich and long history with teaching and innovating in public health, going back to the 1800s. This, combined with its high rankings, diverse faculty, wide array of public health subjects and high placement rate only made it a sure decision for me to study here.

Tell us about your course work in the MPH program.

With health services administration being my concentration, my course work has largely been focused on studying U.S. public health and safety policy and organizational and administrative structures of health care of organizations.

I have also had the opportunity of taking courses outside of my concentration in topics such as epidemiology, statistics, environmental health, community health and management.

To encourage thinking outside of the box, I have taken courses in diversity and racial disparities. Thus, teaching me about how these are important factors in all forms of public health intervention and need to be given great consideration to deliver equal care to people of all backgrounds with respect.

My coursework gave me great perspective and taught me how to approach public health issues from multiple angles. I understood this when I was working on my culminating project as part of my coursework. During this project, I conducted a systematic review of the effect of multidisciplinary teams on COPD cases. The courses I had taken prior helped me write my project with thought given to all factors and develop a final paper that I was very proud of.

What have you enjoyed the most about the UB MPH program?

There are many aspects that I have enjoyed! A few to name would be the relationships and bonds I have formed with my friends and faculty, an excellent field training experience, a wide variety of topics I got to learn about, being a member of department organizations and committees and all the fun activities that been hosted.

How do you plan to use your MPH degree? What type of position are you hoping to attain with your degree?

I plan on using my MPH degree to work in health administration and management roles. I feel a strong calling to these fields and I am committed to bettering public health in the communities I live in and strive to do so by making health administrations more efficient and effective.

How did receiving a degree from UB set you apart from others in the job market?

I believe receiving my education from UB will set me apart from others due to the long list of certifications I have received from my program. I have also completed a wide variety of projects from my course work and field training, giving me strong research experience as a plus. The community service activities I have participated in from the graduate student association have given me rich experiences, perspectives, and skills to take on public health issues.