Research and Facilities

Research in a cold storage area.

Our department has an active and well-funded research program, with a long history of important research contributions.  

  • 10/13/17
    Our faculty members’ interests include epidemiology of cancer, infectious diseases in children, diabetes, osteoporosis, eye disease, chronic diseases of aging, cardiovascular diseases, women’s health and disease prevention, as well as molecular, environmental and occupational epidemiology.
  • 6/19/14
    Our faculty members are leading researchers who collaborate with scholars throughout UB, and with researchers and organizations across the region, country and globe.
  • 6/19/14
    Our past research projects, including the data sets, serve as key resources for future investigation and collaboration.
  • 9/17/19
    Funded grants since 2005.
  • 6/19/14
    Each department within the School of Public Health and Health Professions has its own discipline-specific research facilities as well as access to shared resources.