Requirements and Curriculum

The nutrition minor is open to students in any major and requires 19 credit hours and a "C" or better in all courses that apply toward the minor.

Required Courses (14 credits)

Some NTR courses may be offered only once per academic year (Fall or Spring). Refer to the undergraduate course catalog to see which semesters courses are typically offered.

Elective Courses (5-6 credits)

  • BCH 403 – Biochemistry (3)
  • BIO 201 – Cell Biology (4)
  • BIO 203 – General Physiology (3)
  • CHE 201 – Organic Chemistry (3)
  • ES 428 – Health Promotion, Prevention, and Wellness (3)
  • PGY 300 – Human Physiology (3)
  • PGY 412 – Applied Physiology (2)
  • PSY 325 - Health Psychology (3) 
  • PSY 404 – Alcohol and Health (3)

Keep up With Minor Requirements

When you are approximately one year away from graduation, contact Undergraduate Student Services, the Office for Academic and Student Affairs (OASA), at to ensure you are on track with the nutrition minor requirements.

Completing Minor Requirements

The nutrition minor is a supplement to a major degree and cannot be completed by itself. You must complete the minor before or at the same time as your major. If you do not complete all of the requirements, you will need to drop the minor in order to graduate or postpone graduation to finish the minor. In order to receive the nutrition minor you must be eligible for a bachelor's degree at graduation.

All requirements must be met to be awarded the nutrition minor. You are responsible for monitoring your courses and are encouraged to contact Undergraduate Student Services, the Office for Academic and Student Affairs (OASA), at approximately one year before your planned graduation to ensure you are on-track to finish all requirements.

Visit the Undergraduate Catalog for information on university degree requirements.

Using Electives to Satisfy both Major and Minor Requirements

Elective courses can be used to satisfy both your major and minor requirements. For example, if you completed ES428 Health Promotion, Prevention, and Wellness to satisfy your exercise science major requirement, it will also count towards yours nutrition minor requirement. If you have completed a course that satisfies the minor before you were accepted into the program, we will count the course as completed once you have been accepted into the nutrition minor.