On the Multifaceted Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Past, Present, and Emerging Trends

Moderator: Ernest Fokoue, Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Panel Members

Cecilia Alm, PhD
Associate Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology

Oliver Kennedy, PhD
Associate Professor
University at Buffalo

Fei Wang, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Population Health
Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University

Gregory Babbitt, PhD 
Associate Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology

Zichen Ma, PhD
Assistant Professor
Colgate University

Miranda Lynch, PhD 
HWI Buffalo

Perspectives on the Evolution of Statistics Within the Data Science Landscape

Moderator: Rachael Hageman Blair, Associate Professor, University at Buffalo

Panel Members

Huixia (Judy) Wang, PhD
Statistics Program Director, National Science Foundation
Professor, George Washington University

Bonnie Ray, PhD
Head of Data Science

David Matterson, PhD
 Associate Professor, Department Statistics and Data Science, Cornell

Anshu Sinha, PhD
Chief Data Science Officer

Yang Chen, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics
Research Assistant Professor, Michigan Institute of Data Science
University of Michigan

Pathways to Careers in Biopharmaceutical Statistics: Perspectives on Research and Training

Organizer: Marianthi Markatou, SUNY Distinguished Professor, University at Buffalo

Moderator: Lili Tian, Professor and Director of Graduate Programs, University at Buffalo

Panel Members

Bo Yang, PhD
Vice President, Biometrics
Vertex Inc.

Joseph C. Cappelleri, PhD
Executive Director of Biostatistics
Pfizer Inc.

Ray Liu, PhD
Senior Vice President, Head of Biometrics and Precision Medicine
EMD Serono/Merck KGaA.

Ram Tiwari, PhD
Head of Statistical Methodology
Bristol Myers Squibb