Focus Briefs

The Center on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer: Success Stories and Resources for R&D Practitioners, JL Flagg, FOCUS: Technical Brief #38 (2013).

Lessons Learned in Technology Transfer from Dr. Gregg Vanderheiden and the Trace Research & Development Center, G Vanderheiden, FOCUS: Technical Brief #37 (2013).

Infinity Communication Access Lab Recognized With 2012 Product Utilization Support and Help (PUSH) Award, JA Leahy, FOCUS: Technical Brief #36 (2013).

Modeling Technology Innovation: Combining Science, Engineering, and Industry Methods to Achieve Beneficial Socioeconomic Impacts Systematically and Deliberately, VI Stone and JP Lane, FOCUS: Technical Brief #35  (2012).

Tracking evidence of knowledge use through knowledge translation, technology transfer and commercial Transaction, JP Lane, FOCUS: Technical Brief #34  (2012).

Knowledge Value Mapping of National Organizations: A Knowledge Translation Strategy to Efficiently Communicate Research-Based Knowledge to Multiple Stakeholder Audiences, JP Lane, FOCUS: Technical Brief #32 (2011).

KT4TT: Knowledge Translation Embedded in Technology Transfer, JA Leahy, FOCUS: Technical Brief #30 (2011). 

The Need to Knowledge Model: A Roadmap to Successful Outputs for NIDRR Grantees, JL Flagg and M Lockett, FOCUS: Technical Brief #28 (2010).

Facilitating Technology-Based Knowledge Utilization, JP Lane, FOCUS: Technical Brief #26 (2010).