About Community Health and Health Behavior

When you pursue a doctoral (PhD), master of public health (MPH), or master of science (MS) degree in community health and health behavior, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of the factors that influence people's health choices.

You will also determine the role of the community in the onset of and solutions to public health problems. With this education and through applied field and/or research opportunities, you’ll be prepared to address health challenges in your local, regional and broader communities.

  • Why Choose CHHB at UB?
    In these graduate-level programs, you'll be equipped with comprehensive skills, knowledge and research experience to go on and make positive, impactful changes in the health of communities on a local to global scale. 
  • Our Philosophy and Approach
    Our department is dedicated to research, education, and community partnerships at the highest level. This preparation will provide you with a world-class education inside the classroom and in real-world settings to set you up for success in the public health arena. 
  • Our Students
    Discover more about our current students - how they are making the most of their UB education, as well as celebrating their successes at the university and around the community. 
  • Our Alumni
    Meet our MPH and PhD alumni as they share how they came to study public health at the University at Buffalo and how their current roles are making a difference in the public health landscape. 
  • Faculty Spotlight
    Learn about some of our faculty members’ latest research, their mentorship with students and their community connections.
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