Current Students

Graduate Students

Leticia Andrade headshot.

Letícia Andrade

Letícia is a Ph.D. student in the department of Community Health and Health Behavior and a Research Assistant in the Nutrition and Health Research Lab at the University at Buffalo. She is a Nutritionist graduated from Federal University of Piaui, Brazil, with specializations in Clinical Nutrition and Eating Behavior. Her research interests are eating behavior, emotional and disordered eating, inclusive public health, food insecurity and eating-related mental health outcomes. Outside the lab, Letícia loves to be outdoors, cooking, hiking, taking pictures, playing with dogs and relaxing watching movies with a scented candle and cozy socks.

Undergraduate Students

mayuma akter.

Maymuna Akter

I am a first-gen second-year undergraduate student, in the Honors College at UBuffalo, majoring in Biomedical Sciences, and minoring in Nutrition. I am on a pre-PA track at UB, and interested in pursuing a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies At UB, in addition to maintaining my academic career, I have been involved with various extracurricular activities, one of which is starting a club, called the UNICEF Unite Club. The UNICEF Unite Club at UB is part of UNICEF’s global project of mobilizing volunteers from all walks of life and every corner of the country in pursuit of one common goal: to ensure a better world for every child. I am also an NYS Certified Emergency Medical Technician. Besides that, I am also interested in language studies and have been awarded the New York State Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish. Currently, I am learning Devanagari (Hindi) at UB. 

debra chondool headshot.

Debra Chondool

My name is Debra Chondool and I am a freshman and an exercise science major. I'm from NYC and one of my favorite things to do is swim! I absolutely love chocolate, especially M&Ms. 

debra chondool headshot.

Lindsey Cunningham

Lindsey Cunningham is a senior at UB on a pre-health track, pursuing a B.S. in Biological Sciences with a minor in Public Health. She is a Presidential Scholar in the Honors College and the Vice President of UB’s chapter of AED; a preprofessional health honor society. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys both playing the trombone in the UB Marching Band and the tenor saxophone in the university's saxophone quartet. 

ayesha jannat headshot.

Ayesha Jannat

I am an undergrad sophomore at UB. I am majoring in Biomedical science with a minor in Public Health and I am in pre-med track. I am a volunteer at American Red Cross SAF (service at Armed force) volunteer and a donor as well. As a part of Bengali immigrant community, I work as an interpreter, and I also like volunteering community services. At my spare time I love travelling, going out for long drive, writing storybook.

Timothy Kwok

I am an undergraduate junior at UB. I am majoring in biological science and I am in pre-health track. I am a member of the APMS (Association of Pre-Medical Student) club. I have done volunteering at community center as well as volunteering at a community project. On my free times I enjoy traveling, collecting coins, and watching movies.

paige lammers headshot.

Paige Lammers

I am a sophomore majoring in Nutrition Science with a minor in Health and Human Services. After graduation, I plan on pursuing a medical degree.

olayinka ogunye headshot.

Olayinka Ogunye

Olayinka is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. He is also currently a Research Assistant at the Nutrition and Health Research Lab. He is passionate about decreasing health disparities within underrepresented populations, which is reflected in his goal of becoming a registered nurse. In his free time, he likes to watch and play sports, go out to steakhouses, and spend time with friends.