Previous Graduate Students

Amanda Ziegler.

Amanda Ziegler, Project Coordinator

Ziegler has been the project coordinator for the Nutrition and Health Research Lab since July 2010. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Community Health and Health Behavior at UB, where she is passionate about childhood obesity and eating behavior research. Her current study is investigating the elements of adolescent eating autonomy and how they may be related to health. She is also a graduate of UB's Master of Public Health program and Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program (BSN) and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University at Rochester. She enjoys creating and eating tasty meals and in her spare time she also enjoys cycling, playing soccer and traveling.

Tegan Mansouri

Tegan Mansouri is pursuing her PhD in Exercise and Nutrition Science at UB. She is currently investigating eating behaviors in EMS night shift workers. She received her Bachelor's degree in Dietetics from SUNY Oneonta and Master's degree in Exercise Science from UB. She is a Registered Dietitian and hopes to pursue a career promoting nutrition, health, and wellness. Her hobbies involve all things related to food and fitness.

Lori Hatzinger

Lori Hatzinger is a recent exercise science graduate from UB. She is now working towards her Masters in Nutrition and Masters of Professional Science in Data Analytics. Outside of school and working in then Nutrition and Health Research Lab, she enjoys adventures, cooking, and exercising. Lori hopes to promote health and wellness throughout her career.

Amanda Crandall.

Amanda Crandall, PhD Candidate

Crandall is currently a PhD candidate in Community Health and Health Behavior. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Honors Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and completed her Master’s degree in Psychological Science at Montana State University. She is a recipient of the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Predoctoral Fellowship from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Her current research interests include the effects of scarcity on the development of eating behavior, adolescent dieting behaviors, stress, and social influences on health behavior. She is also a mother and enjoys spending time outside and hiking with her family.   

Rachel Barich.

Rachel Barich

Rachel Barich is currently a fifth year pursuing a special major in nutritional science with a dual minor in public health and health and wellness at the University at Buffalo. She plans to continue her studies in Canada to pursue a professional career in dietetics as a registered dietitian. She hopes to eventually achieve her masters in Public Health as well. Barich is also the team captain of the University at Buffalo women’s distance running program (cross-country and track). She also tutors nutrition, enjoys hiking, cooking, biking and writing in her spare time. 

carmelinda clark-bouchard.

Carmelinda Clark-Bouchard

Clark-Bouchard is pursuing an MS degree in nutritional science. She is currently working on her thesis, “The influence of soda additives on working memory and salivary habituation and to food cues.” Clark-Bouchard earned a BS in nutritional science-dietetics from Cornell University and completed a Dietetic Internship at Bay Pines VA Healthcare System in 2010. After becoming certified as a registered dietitian (RD), she worked as a clinical RD at the Albany VA Medical Center. Upon completion of her master's degree, Clark-Bouchard looks forward to working as a dietitian in an outpatient counseling setting. In her spare time she enjoys playing/coaching ultimate frisbee, running, hiking and painting.

Adam Graczyk

Graczyk completed a PhD in Community Health and Health Behavior, and a masters degree in Nutrition Science at UB; working with the Nutrition and Health Research Laboratory. His current research project involves creating narrative videos to reduce drunk driving influenced by consuming alcohol and energy drinks. Graczyk also has a certification in therapeutic massage and body work. In his spare time, Graczyk enjoys exercising (especially HIIT and running), cooking vegetarian meals, meditating and watching Gordon Ramsay reality TV marathons with his wonderful wife Melody.

Sarah Hussain

Hussain is pursuing an MA in Sociology with a medical concentration. Her true passion lies with understanding the complexity and reasons for health inequality, especially those associated with institutional practices that perpetuate health disparities among marginalized groups. Her goal is to pursue a law degree and later work on health care policy. In her free time, Hussain enjoys being a mom, traveling, trying new things. 

Nachuan Luo

Nachuan Luo is a Master’s student at UB’s M.S. clinical nutrition and dietetic internship program. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from Michigan State University (Go Green!). He is currently working with a thesis on reinforcing value and gestational weight. He hopes to be a registered dietitian and continue to get his PhD degree in nutrition. His research interest include migration-lead obesity and obesity in the developing countries. He is an amazing amateur chef, and really likes culture, politics and traveling.

Kate Lynch.

Kate Lynch

Lynch is a graduate of UB’s Dietetic Internship program and certified as a registered dietitian (RD). She is pursuing an MS degree in nutrition. Lynch is currently working on her thesis, “Influence of soda additives on motivation in adolescents." As a former high school and collegiate athlete, she plans pursue further education and a career that connects exercise and nutrition.


Leah Panek-Shirley, PhD

Leah pursued a PhD in Exercise Science at UB. For her doctoral dissertation, she investigated the independent and combined effects of caffeine and exercise on eating behavior. Her research outside the lab included exercise intervention in breast cancer patients with treatment-induced arthralgia and exercise and stress in adolescents. Leah loves being a mother and tending her garden. She is an Associate Professor at Buffalo State College.


Chelsea Peitz

Peitz is pursuing an MS degree in clinical nutrition. She worked on her research rotation within the Nutrition and Health Research Lab conducting the "Veggie Study." She recently began working on her master's project which aims to investigate the influence of supplementation and cross-fit exercise on individuals. Peitz has recently completed her Dietetic Internship and is now a Registered Dietitian (RD). She earned a BS degree in nutritional sciences from the University of Connecticut where she also swam competitively as a Division I athlete. She is originally from Fenton, Mich. In her spare time, Peitz manages to squeeze in time for Crossfit workouts, yoga and culinary exploration.

Erika van der Kloet.

Erika van der Kloet

Van der Kloet is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo's psychology program and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in community health and health behavior. In her free time, she likes cooking, crafting and traveling. Following graduation, she plans to pursue a career in health and wellness education. 

Naomi McKay, Postdoctoral Student

Naomi McKay joined the Temple lab as a postdoctoral researcher in the fall of 2014. Her work focuses on the interaction between fluid balance and food intake in humans, with a specific focus on hydration status and food choice. Dr. McKay is originally from New England. Her undergraduate work was completed at Boston University. She then came to Buffalo to complete her PhD at the University at Buffalo in the field of behavioral neuroscience. In the fall of 2016 Dr. McKay will be joining the faculty at Buffalo State in the Psychology department, but will continue to be affiliated with the Temple lab. ​

Linmeng Wu

Linmeng Wu is a Master's student at UB in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetic Internship Program. Wu graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics at Michigan State University, and finishing Dietetic Internship in Buffalo at UB. She is currently working in Nutrition and Health Research Laboratory and interests in adolescents’ behaviors influence weight status and dietary quality. After graduation from UB, Wu hopes to pursue a career to spreading health and nutritious information. Wu loves baking, traveling, and exploring the city with friends.