Developing new AT? Plan for success!

Technology Transfer Planning Template (TTPT)

Jennifer L. Flagg, Center on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer — University at Buffalo, SUNY 


Project investigators, inventors, and business owners who plan to introduce new products into the assistive technology marketplace achieve greater success when they plan their development and transfer efforts, and conduct rigorous business, market, and technical analyses prior to making large investments of limited resources.

Planning can be aided by process models, such as the Need to Knowledge (NtK) Model. Business and engineering analyses can be simplified through the use of relevant tools.

The Technology Transfer Planning Template is currently being developed and tested to provide easy access to the NtK, tools, resources, and examples.

Who Can Benefit from the TTPT?

  • RERC Grantees: create technology transfer plans (required by NIDILRR).
  • SBIR grant applicants: create commercialization plans.
  • Technology Transfer Offices: use with university-based inventors to explore commercial potential.
  • All Grantees or applicants who intend to generate devices: plan development and transfer activities.
TTPT screen shot.

Current Status

The prototype TTPT is being internally tested and refined to eliminate bugs. User testing will occur in February 2017, followed by final refinements. The fully-functional TTPT is expected to be launched to the public in mid-2017.

TTPT screen shot.

While the TTPT is Under Development

  • Download the list of questions that will be embedded in the template.
  • Participate in user testing activities to provide feedback before the product launch.
  • Add your email address to our mailing list so we can notify you when the TTPT is launched.  

Prototype Output Reports

The TTPT allows you to create different types of output reports that meet your planning and project tracking needs. The prototype TTPT includes the following: 

Summary Output Report.

Summary Output Report This narrative compiles all responses from Part 1 of the TTPT into paragraph form. It is useful for communicating with project partners and fleshing out the most basic elements of the development and transfer aspects of a project.

Technology Transfer Plan.

SBIR Output Report Matches user input to commonly required SBIR Phase II Commercialization Plan components. 

SBIR Output Report.

Technology Transfer Plan Matches user input to the Need to Knowledge Model’s steps, thereby offering users a complete picture of which best practices have already been applied or addressed, and areas where further work may be beneficial. 

Flow chart.

Flow Chart This graphic is a helpful front-end for a Technology Transfer Plan. The graphic depiction of the Need to Knowledge Model’s steps makes it easy to see which best practices are in need of completion, or have not yet been included in project plans. 


Timeline This basic timeline is helpful for proposals, as it offers the reader a rough idea of when major project milestones will occur.