Brown Bag Lectures

The Department of Community and Health Behavior's brown bag lectures present speakers offering a broad range of research ideas and community activities, in service to improve the health of populations, communities, and people.

Upcoming Brown Bag Sessions

We have wrapped up our spring 2022 series! Fall 2022 lectures will be posted prior to the semester. For questions, please contact Jennifer Turkovich, department coordinator, at

Previously Recorded Sessions

Spring 2022 Lectures

Gloria Aidoo-Frimpong

Doctoral candidate, Gloria Aidoo-Frimpong, presents her dissertation defense titled: Exploring the Acceptability and Potential Use of Oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention Among Ghanaian Immigrants in the United States of America.

Amanda Ziegler

Doctoral candidate, Amanda Ziegler, presents her dissertation defense titled: Adolescent Eating Autonomy: Defining and Measuring a Novel Construct to Assess Adolescents’ Autonomous Eating Behaviors.

Fall 2021 Lectures

Rebecca Ashare, PhD

Dr. Ashare, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at UB, presents her current research:
Determinants and outcomes of tobacco and cannabis use in the context of medical comorbidities. 

Christina Kasprzak, PhD, MS

Doctoral candidate, Christina Kasprzak, presents her dissertation defense titled: Evaluation of pre-implementation capacity and implementation effectiveness of an evidence-based intervention for mobile produce markets.

Spring 2021 Lecture

Danielle Smith, PhD, MPH

Doctoral candidate, Danielle Smith, presents her dissertation defense titled, Adult Co-Use of Cannabis and Nicotine: Multiple perspectives on a complex phenomenon.

Fall 2020 Lectures

Dean S. Seneca, MPH, MCURP

Community Health and Health Behavior adjunct instructor, Dean S. Seneca, presents: Raising Awareness of American Indian/Alaska Native Health Disparities: Addressing social determinants and promoting health equity.

Jessica O'Neill, PhD, MPH

Doctoral candidate, Jessica O'Neill, presents her dissertation defense titled: Financial scarcity, eating self-regulation, and obesity.

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