Corinne Abrams

Corinne Abrams.

Corinne Abrams is a current Environmental Health MPH student.

How did you become interested in environmental health?

I was born and raised on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation, so naturally I want to give back and help my community in any way I can. Through the study of public health, I am able to learn about and research health disparities that Native Americans face. I am interested in environmental issues on the reservation linked to health and ways to improve nutrition for Haudenosaunee families. I am passionate about helping to break down barriers to healthcare and create programs and policies that protect the health of nation members, and respect our sovereignty.

Why did you choose UB?

I began my search for a competitive MPH program a few years ago. I felt that a graduate degree in public health would give me a deeper knowledge and understanding of fundamental public health topics and issues that all people face. I chose UB because it is close to home, but most importantly UB has a fantastic reputation for its excellence in research. I am from Western New York and I wanted the ability to work with professors that knew the issues and topics related to Native Americans living in this region.

Tell us more about your experience in the MPH program.

My goal is to create impactful change within each of the Haudenosaunee communities in this region. Here at UB, I have had the opportunity to learn about the research currently being undertaken by UB faculty with the Mohawk, Tuscarora, and Tonawanda Seneca and Cattaraugus Seneca Nation. It is important for me to gain knowledge about the most pressing public health issues that affect Haudenosaunee people to further future research on current and ongoing health related topics. My experience at UB has been positive and given me a sense that I am unquestionably in the right place to reach my goals.

What do you enjoy the most about the MPH program?

I have learned a lot in the classroom from the cohort of MPH students. Everyone brings their unique skills and backgrounds to class discussion. Our professors encourage class discussion that complements what we learn from articles or textbooks, which further resonates with me and allows me to relate to my classmates.

How does receiving a degree from UB SPHHP set you apart?

I enjoy having the ability to work with professors that push me to improve the skills I need to work professionally in a public health career. Our professors ask the right questions, they teach you where you can grow and how to create analytical and precise research. MPH students synthesize and utilize research information pertaining to topics of their interest to create a final integrative project. When they present, it is clear that they received excellent guidance and support from their mentors. They are prepared to go out in the world, conduct research, create change and make the world a better place.