Environmental Health MPH

Identify factors that influence health, and develop tools to sustain an environment that promotes health.

Through our multidisciplinary approach, you will study:

  • Foundational public health knowledge and competencies employers seek
  • Environmental contamination and degradation by both human activity and natural processes
  • How this contamination and degradation impacts health directly and through complex interrelationships with other living organisms and ecosystems.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate, you will be prepared for further study or for entry in the workforce in a variety of fields, including:

  • Local and state health departments and other health agencies
  • Private environmental health consulting companies
  • Industry and advocacy organizations

As an environmental health scientist, you will explore the relationship of agents found in air, water and soil to cancer, birth defects, neurological disorders and other health conditions. As an environmental health practitioner, you will use this understanding to identify hazards in the environment, assess the risks and design interventions.

Combined Degree Programs

We offer a combined degree program where you can earn an MPH/MD in less time and fewer credits than each degree individually. This program allows you to integrate a prevention- and population-focused approach to health with your medical education.

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