Environmental Health Sciences MS

You’ve always been interested in how the environment affects people’s health. Now, you want the training that will help you play an active role in addressing environmental health issues.
UB’s master of science degree in Environmental Health Sciences gives you just the preparation you need. It’s a two-year, research-based degree program that provides specialized training in environmental health, environmental toxicology, exposure science and environmental epidemiology.

Prepare for your future

The MS program in Environmental Health Sciences prepares you for a career as an environmental health research scientist, professional or specialist, or for continuing graduate study as a doctoral student in relevant scientific fields. You’ll take on multidisciplinary coursework and research training that culminates in a research thesis in one or more disciplines, including environmental epidemiology, toxicology, exposure science, environmental engineering, environmental chemistry, geography and more.

Gain research experience

In the Environmental Health Sciences program, you'll work side-by-side with faculty who conduct research on topics like the health risks of exposures, environmental epidemiology and environmental epigenetics. Since UB is a "research 1" institution, you'll gain meaningful hands-on experience in designing and conducting studies, and analyzing research data.

Focus on a solid base of coursework

Your core coursework focuses on the principles and methods of environmental health, toxicology, exposure science, epidemiology and professional development. You’ll also take at least one additional elective course in subject areas, including environmental health, environmental epidemiology, toxicology, exposure science, environmental engineering, environmental chemistry and geography.

Realize your dreams affordably

Gain the education, research and training you need without bankrupting your future. In addition to UB’s low tuition, benefit from a multitude of resources to help offset your costs.