Requirements and Curriculum


Required courses

Principles and methods of environmental health

  • EEH 550 Environmental Health (3)
  • EEH 555 Exposure Assessment in Environment Health Research (3)
  • PMY 626 Toxicology Principles and Practice (3)

Statistical methods

STA 527 Statistical Analysis I (4)
Must be completed in the first year.

Public health

  • EEH 501 Principles of Epidemiology (4)
    Must be completed in the first semester.
  • EEH 591 Graduate Seminar (0)
    Completed every semester.
  • CHB 550 Public Health and Population Wellbeing (3)

Professional development

EEH 650 Research and Professional Development (2)
One credit in both the fall and spring semesters of year two of the program.


  • RSC 602 Research Ethics for the Health Sciences (3)
    Complete the CITI online Responsible Conduct of Research course.
  • CITI online Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training (0)
    Must score 80 percent or higher.

Thesis research preparation

  • EEH 600 Thesis Guidance (1)
    One credit in the final semester of the program.
  • EEH 597 Independent Study (4)
    At least one research credit in each of four semesters.

You are required to conduct thesis research under the supervision of a major professor and a thesis committee in one or more disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • environmental epidemiology
  • toxicology
  • exposure science
  • environmental engineering
  • environmental chemistry
  • geography

Thesis research includes formulating a hypothesis, designing experimental aims to test it, and conducting the original research, with the goal of advancing knowledge in environmental health, culminating with the preparation of a written thesis, which you must formally defend.

Total required course credits (30)

Minimum overall GPA 3.0, and B in each course.

Electives (Choose one elective)

Epidemiology and environmental health

  • EEH 502 Advanced Methodology (3)
  • EEH 510 Principles of Measurement in Public Health (3)
  • EEH 521 Global Health (3)
  • EEH 551 Advanced Environmental Health Science (3)
  • EEH 570 Cancer Epidemiology (3)
  • EEH 572 Nutritional Epidemiology (3)
  • EEH 573 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (3)
  • EEH 575 Epidemiologic Applications to Environmental Health (3)


  • CHE 470 Analytical Chemistry of Pollutants
  • CIE 563 Air pollution (3)
  • CIE 569 Brownfields Restoration (3)
  • GEO 506 Geographic Information Systems (3)
  • MT 600 Industrial Hygiene (4)
  • URP 604 Food Systems Planning (3)

You can petition to take courses outside the listed electives, or at the PhD level, if the course is relevant to your career plans, and you obtain permission from the course instructor and the MS/PhD graduate director.

Total elective credits (3)

Total Program Credits (33)