Competencies are activities or behaviors you should be able to demonstrate after completing your program.

  • C1. Apply an environmental or occupational health framework to address environmental public health problems experienced in the community or work environment.
    (EEH501, EEH550, EEH555, EEH600, PMY626)
  • C2. Evaluate studies for their implications to environmental health issues.
    (EEH550, EEH597, PMY626, EEH600)
  • C3. Apply ethical and legal considerations in research.
    (EEH600, EEH650, RSC602)
  • C4. Formulate hypotheses and design experiments to test such hypotheses to advance environmental health knowledge.
    (EEH597, EEH 600)
  • C5. Conduct environmental health research, and analyze and interpret them accordingly.
    (EEH 555, EEH 600)