Epidemiology MPH

Study the frequency, distribution and determinants of human diseases and injuries in populations.

Through our program, you will learn and practice foundational public health knowledge and competencies, as well as epidemiological, statistical, research and survey methods to help discover the determinants—including biological, behavioral, social and organizational—of diseases and injuries.

Jo Freudenheim explains the role of an epidemiologist.

Jo Freudenheim, PhD explains what an epidemiologist does, during Covid-19 and beyond.

Career Opportunities

As an epidemiologist, you will play a fundamental role in preventive medicine and public health. You will apply your understanding of diseases and injuries to inform both interventions and to promote healthy communities.

You will be prepared to work in a variety of fields, including:

  • Local, state, national or international health agencies
  • Health care delivery systems such as hospitals and managed care organizations
  • Private research firms
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Academia

Combined Degree Programs

We offer combined degree programs—BS/MPH, MPH/MD and MPH/PharmD—where you can earn two degrees in less time and fewer credits than each degree individually. These programs allow you to integrate a prevention- and population-focused approach to health with your respective exercise science, medical or pharmaceutical education.

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