Combined Degree Programs

We offer combined programs where you can earn both degrees in five years.

Undergraduate and Master of Public Health (MPH) 3+2 Degree Program

MPH and Professional Degree Programs

We offer combined degree programs—BS/MPH, MPH/MD and MPH/PharmD—where you can earn two degrees in less time and fewer credits than each degree individually. These programs allow you to integrate a prevention- and population-focused approach to health with your respective exercise science, medical or pharmaceutical education. Each degree will be conferred separately upon completion of program requirements.

Continuous Enrollment

Students enrolled in all combined degree programs except the MSW/MPH and JD/MPH must maintain continuous registration in the School of Public Health and Health Professions. If you are taking courses in the non-MPH program during a semester, you can request a leave of absence from the MPH program.

Students enrolled in MSW/MPH or JD/MPH programs do not need to complete a leave of absence request.