Global Population Health

A child cleaning their hands with a bar of soap.

Faculty are involved in a number of studies investigating disease prevention. Studies examining how to prevent diarrheal disease, a major source of death of infants and children in developing economies, could have enormous health impacts.

  • Effects of Electronic Cigarette Use on the Human Lung
    The study will compare DNA methylation in lung tissue from smokers, never smokers, and e-cig users to examine the biological effects of e-cigarettes.
  • Handwashing Benefits for Improving Health and Development
    Pavani Kalluri Ram, PhD, will study the benefits of water quality, sanitation and handwashing interventions for improving child health and development in Bangladesh and Kenya.
  • IPA for Pavani Ram - Senior Medical Advisor for Newborn Health
    Pavani Ram, MD, will serve as senior medical advisor at USAID and provide technical leadership and technical assistance to USAID missions, regional bureaus and other Global Health offices on the prevention and treatment of severe infection in the newborn.
  • Kenya Soapy Water Handwashing Station Study
    The project will study the changes in availability of soap and water at handwashing places and handwashing practices among student in public primary schools in Kisumu County, Kenya, before and after the provision of a redesigned handwashing system combined with behavior change intervention.
  • Learning Beyond ODF: Evaluation of CLTS and Other Community Sanitation Programs
    Review of current approaches to evaluating household and community effects of country Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) programs, and guidance in creating a stronger GSF monitoring and evaluation strategy. 
  • Real time monitoring of COVID-19 impacts on Tanzanian youth
    The aim of this study is to collect quantitative and qualitative data via mobile phones to perform real-time monitoring of COVID-19 impacts on adolescents and young people, their families, and communities in the Southern Highlands regions in Tanzania.