Global Health Day

The OGHI hosts the Global Health Day Symposium each April during National Public Health Week. This annual event brings together experts researching global health issues, and is co-sponsored by the Community for Global Health Equity. 

The 12th Annual Global Health Day Symposium: Women's Health

Fri., April 14, 2023

Keynote speakers

Photo of Junfeng Zhang.

Air Pollution and Women’s Health: Exposure Vulnerability and Biological Susceptibility

Junfeng Zhang, PhD
Duke University

Junfeng Zhang is professor of global and environmental health and chair of the Environmental Science and Policy Division in the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University. He has integrated clinical research, exposure science, toxicology, and epidemiology to examine health effects and underlying biological mechanisms of air pollution exposure. His work has involved collaborators from China, India, Thailand, Mongolia, UK, Denmark, and Mexico.

Zhang has co-authored more than 300 peer-reviewed articles in medical journals and environmental science journals. He received a BS in applied chemistry and a MS in atmospheric chemistry from Peking University, an MS degree in environmental sciences and a PhD in environmental sciences and public health from Rutgers University.

Zhang is an officially recognized contributor to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the IPCC. In 2012, he received the Jerome Wesolowski Award, the highest honor of the International Society of Exposure Science. In 2013, he was named an AAAS Fellow.

Photo of Erin Bell.

Global Implication of PFAS exposure and Perinatal Health: What we know, what we don't know and what are we learning

Erin M. Bell, PhD
University at Albany

Erin Bell, PhD, is a professor in the departments of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Environmental Health in the School of Public Health, and the interim assistant vice president for research compliance, University at Albany. She joined the faculty at the University at Albany after completing her postdoctoral training at the National Cancer Institute, Bureau of Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology. Her research studies focus on environmental exposures as they relate to reproductive and child outcomes. Bell is currently the co-principal investigator of two cohort studies: the Upstate KIDS study, which follows over 6,000 children to identify potential risk factors for developmental health effects and the Health Study of New York State Communities Exposed to PFAS Contaminated Drinking Water, funded by ATSDR as one of seven sites participating in the national Multi-Site PFAS Health Study. She has served on several National Academy of Medicine committees, including the Committee to Review the Health Effects in Vietnam Veterans of Exposure to Herbicides and the Committee on Guidance on PFAS Testing and Health Outcomes. Bell received her MS in epidemiology and biostatistics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and her PhD in epidemiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Photo of Robert Taylor.

Oxidative stress: a mechanism underlying preterm birth?

Robert Taylor, MD, PhD
Professor of obstetrics and gynecology and assistant dean, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Photo of LuAnne Brown.

Maternal Mortality Crisis in the U.S.

Photo of Elizabeth Bartelt.

Identity Erasure through Routine Healthcare: 18-26 year-old LGBTQ+ Experiences of Abortion in the United States

Elizabeth Bartelt, PhD, MPH
Clinical assistant professor
Department of Community Health and Health Behavior
School of Public Health and Health Professions
University at Buffalo 

Image of Divya Choudhary.

Dietary pulse consumption during childhood is associated with improved nutrient outcomes in the first two years of life

Divya Choudhary
PhD student in exercise and nutrition sciences
School of Public Health and Health Professions
University at Buffalo

Photo of Yihua Yue.

Dietary Pattern and Periodontal Disease among Postmenopausal Women

Yihua Yue
PhD student in epidemiology and environmental health
School of Public Health and Health Professions
University at Buffalo 

Photo of Xingyu Chen.

The Effects of Wars and Conflicts on Maternal Health Outcomes in Asia from 1950 to 2010

Xingyu Chen
PhD student in global gender and sexuality studies
College of Arts and Sciences
University at Buffalo    

Photo of Sarah Lima.

Breast cancer: more than just reproductive risk factors

Sarah Lima
PhD student in epidemiology and environmental health
School of Public Health and Health Professions
University at Buffalo