Micro-credential in Public Health from Global Perspectives

With the Public Health from Global Perspectives micro-credential, you take part in a focused study of public health in global contexts. This program builds on your foundational public health knowledge and offers in-depth study of major global health issues, including social determinants of health, environmental health, non-communicable diseases, infectious disease, pandemics and more.

If you're interested in adding global health knowledge and skills to your public health expertise, this micro-credential is for you.

Who is eligible to participate in this micro-credential?

  • UB graduate students who have earned a four-year degree from an accredited college or who have graduate-student status in a combined undergraduate/graduate degree program may earn the micro-credential badge.
  • All students wishing to earn this micro-credential must have a 3.0 GPA
  • UB graduate students in schools other than Public Health and Health Professions must have completed of a UB graduate-level course on the topic of global health, medicine or development.

How can this micro-credential advance my career?

  • You'll gain a recognized credential that employers and advanced degree programs value.
  • Your micro-credential training all takes place outside the classroom in active-learning, community-based academic activities. In this way, you'll grow your global and intercultural fluency, critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities and skills in teamwork and collaboration.
  • Ultimately, you'll be well prepared for potential opportunities to work on global health-related issues.

What are the requirements to earn this micro-credential?

Activities necessary to earn this micro-credential are listed below. You must complete:

a. Activity 1 or 2, and two of activities 3 through 6.


b. Activity 1 or 2, and a project determined in consultation with the program coordinator and/or director.

Activity options

  1. Engage in global health research, under the supervision of a SPHHP faculty member, and produce a research summary.
  2. Participate in the OGHI's innovation sprint (annual global health case competition) and produce a presentation.
  3. Attend a combination of annual OGHI events and facilitate break-out rooms or other discussion-based activities as requested by OGHI staff.
  4. Research, create, and produce a Buffalo HealthCast episode on a global public health topic, under the supervision of the OGHI director or coordinator.
  5. Participate as a presenter in the OGHI's graduate student research roundtable event.
  6. Present global health work at the Perry Poster event, and submit an abstract in the global health section

For each activity, you must successfully demonstrate achievement of the program’s learning objectives by earning at least 10 out of 12 points.

What should I do next?