IT Support for Personal Computing Equipment

The goal of SPHHP IT in technical support is to enable and sustain the school's teaching, research, administrative and outreach functions. Sometimes this may require that technical support be provided for computing equipment at a staff or faculty member’s home (off campus).

SPHHP IT refers faculty, staff and students to UBIT’s pages for both software and hardware purchases. For the repair and maintenance of personal computers, we recommend VITEC Solutions.

SPHHP IT’s policies on service requests are:

Hardware and Software Requirements for IT Service Support

  • UB computing equipment asset (computer, laptop, printer, external devices, cell phones, etc.);
  • Purchased with UB funds and used for SPHHP teaching, research, administration or outreach;
  • The hardware must be standard UB supported hardware. With the exception of grandfathered systems, IT staff must have been part of the process of selecting and decommissioning any school-supported hardware;
  • The Operating System and Applications must be standard UB installations. Special software will be installed and supported if it is required for mission-related activities (teaching, administration, research or outreach), but in these cases, IT staff should be part of the process of selecting this software.

Service Request

  • Must be placed through SPHHP IT work order system;
  • The work order (and work order time) be assessed to requesting entity;
  • The work order costs are assumed by requesting entity

Service Logistics

  • UB computer or laptop must be brought to SPHHP IT. IT staff are not allowed to provide support to non-UB-approved sites. SPHHP entities (i.e. CAT and CoE) residing outside south campus due to special arrangements with UB will be supported;
  • UB computing equipment is assessed against the requesting entity’s inventory;
  • If the equipment is five years old or older, it will not be supported

If a faculty/staff member is required to work from home or has special arrangements to work off-campus, the individual should work with his/her supervisor to ensure the purchase of a UB system (laptop in most cases) that can be used on and off-campus.