External Reviews

External reviews by outside experts can improve the competitiveness of your application.  Although awards are never guaranteed, the critiques provide you with additional feedback and insights to strengthen your application.  I encourage all faculty to take advantage of this service.


The following SPHHP faculty have received external reviews of the research strategy sections of their applications prior to submitting them to external funders.

“I have used the external review process supported by the RAS office in the SPHHP at UB for two separate R01 applications.  In both cases, the external reviewers provided a different perspective on the proposals that lead to significant changes.  The first proposal that I had externally reviewed was funded and the second one did not get funded, but did receive a score of 24th percentile.  I believe that the external review process made my applications more competitive and contributed to my RO1 getting funded.”

Jennifer Temple, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

“We are very fortunate to have available to us, free of charge, the opportunity to have our grant applications reviewed by external expert reviewers. We received very useful feedback on an R01 proposal which helped us to anticipate and rectify a number of issues and make critical decisions on others. In the present funding environment I have no doubt that this helped us submit a proposal that went on to be funded by NCI.”

Heather Orom, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Community Health and Health Behavior

“I am not sure if my comments will carry any weight since we do not know the outcome of my grant application but overall, the interaction I had with the outside reviewers led to significant revision that I considered positive.”

Please contact Pamela Sturtz if you have questions or would like additional information about requesting an external review.