Who should I contact regarding a Just-in-Time (JIT) notice from the NIH?

A JIT notice from the NIH typically appears on eRA Commons after the proposal review process is completed and is an indicator that the NIH program staff would like more information before making an award decision. Follow-up to the JIT request, however, is not initiated until actual communication is made–-usually via email–-to UB's Sponsored Projects Services (SPS). Once SPS receives formal notification of the JIT request, an SPS authorized representative will contact the PI and inform him/her of what documents are required for JIT submission. As the RAS office primarily provides pre-award services; it does not maintain information pertaining to current and pending support.

NIH JIT Policy

The information eligible for just-in-time submission includes:

  • Other Support For all senior/key personnel, provide details on how you would adjust any budgetary, scientific, or effort overlap if this application is funded.
  • Career Development Award applicants, information on all active support for the candidate, sponsor(s), co-sponsor(s), and Senior/Key Personnel may be requested by the awarding component prior to award.
  • Certifications
    • If human subjects are involved, provide the Federal-Wide Assurance number (if not previously provided) and the Certification of IRB Review and Approval of the research proposed in the application, and any IRB imposed changes. Pending or out-of-date approvals are not acceptable. IRB approval must be dated within the past year to be valid.
    • If vertebrate animals are involved, provide the Animal Welfare Assurance number of the applicant organization (if not previously provided), date of IACUC approval of the research proposed in the application, and any IACUC imposed changes. Pending or out-of-date approvals are not acceptable. IACUC approval must be dated within the last three years to be valid.
    • Human Subjects Education: For grants involving human subjects, provide certification that each person identified under senior/key personnel involved in the design or conduct of research involving human subjects has completed an educational program in the protection of human subjects.

The RAS staff is available to assist you with your JIT budget and other related documents.