How are students paid? (tuition, stipends, salary)

How is student tuition paid from a grant?

Budgeting for Tuition

Graduate student tuition must be requested as a direct cost on grants that include requests for graduate student support. This is an allowable direct cost by federal, state and university rules. This requirement can be waived only with the approval of the dean and vice president for research and the proposal must then be accompanied by a statement from the dean providing tuition for the graduate student as cost sharing from college or school funds.

Guidelines for Tuition Remission from Sponsored Awards

Unless specifically precluded by sponsor policy, Principal Investigators who use graduate student's time and effort in their grant awards (excluding training grants) must include a line in their direct cost budget for tuition remission costs based on the university's blended rate schedule.

Once a grant has been awarded, the department is required to submit a Graduate Tuition Remission/Scholarship Verification Form.

How do I pay a graduate student trainee?

Trainees are typically paid a “stipend” through the UB's student services accounting system.

What student costs are allowable?

Tuition is an allowable cost. A stipend (if the student is a trainee) or a salary if the student is a graduate research assistant (GRA) is allowable. Costs incurred for intramural activities, student publications, student clubs, and other student activities, are not allowed unless specifically provided for in the sponsored agreements.