Can I obtain travel advances (for grant-related travel), If so, how?

Yes, you can obtain travel advances; however, please note the following: travel advances are only issued when travel expenses have already been paid or other extenuating circumstances exist (advances are not encouraged but can be done).

You must complete a Request for Travel Advance through Concur.

In addition to the above form, the following paperwork/documentation must also be submitted:

  • purpose of travel documentation, e.g., conference notice/pamphlet
  • documentation for cost – airfare, hotel (per diem for area), conference rate, etc.

Submit all paperwork at least 10 days prior to your travel dates.

Questions regarding grant-related travel should be directed to:
Karen Scott:, Dorothy Solomon:, or Meg McDole:

You may also want to consider a Travel Card
A travel card is for individual UB business travel only; it cannot be used for group travel. There is no annual fee and there is no credit check. A travel card separates your business travel from personal travel.

NOTE: A travel card does have a revolving account. All expenses must be paid when the bill is due. If you are interested, complete the Travel Card Application, sign and have your Chair/Dean sign it, and send the completed application to 208 Crofts Hall, Attn: Karen Scott.