Lorraine Collins.

Driven to Discover

In this episode of Driven to Discover, David Hill talks to Collins, a SUNY Distinguished Professor at the University at Buffalo and director of the Center for Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, about the pros and cons of legal cannabis, what New York State is getting right (and wrong) in its legalization journey, the historical racism behind cannabis being designated a Schedule I substance, and why it’s so critical for research that the federal government reclassify it.

Harm Reduction in Cannabis Use, with Jess Kruger and Nicholas Felicione.

Buffalo HealthCast

In this episode, guests Dr. Jessica Kruger and Dr. Nicholas Felicione, discuss the complex topic of cannabis use harm reduction. They explore the challenges and complexities of harm reduction in the evolving landscape of cannabis legalization, highlighting the need for more research and evidence-based strategies to educate consumers and reduce potential risks associated with cannabis use. The conversation touches on various aspects of cannabis, from product testing and labeling to the possible substitution of cannabis for other, more harmful substances, all within the context of promoting health equity and responsible consumption.