Alpha Eta Honor Society

The National Scholastic Honor Society for the Allied Health Professions

Alpha Eta Society.

UB Chapter

The purpose of the Society shall be the promotion and recognition of significant scholarship, leadership, and contributions to the advancing health professions. Our chapter has grown to include members from various disciplines within the School of Public Health and Health Professions. These include Athletic Training, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy programs.

History of Alpha Eta

Founded as a national honor society for the allied health professions in 1975, The Alpha Eta Honor Society recognizes and promotes significant scholarship, leadership, and contributions to the Advancing Health professions at collegiate institutions.  Membership is by nomination and open to: undergraduate and graduate students in their last academic year of enrollment; alumni; and faculty. The UB chapter was chartered in April 1975, with the initial members inducted in 2010.

Alpha Eta Nomination and Application Process

Nominations for Alpha Eta are made by faculty members during the fall of a student's final year of their academic program. Each nominated student will be contacted by the Alpha Eta Chapter President notifying them of their nomination and explaining the application process. Please note that only 20% of all eligible students can be inducted into the UB Chapter of the Alpha Eta Honor Society.


Graduate students with an overall GPA of 3.5 or better are eligible for nomination. Nominated students will be evaluated based on their academic performance, leadership, service, and scholarly activity.

Post-Nomination Projects

The following are examples of types of projects UB Alpha Eta student nominees have recently completed. 


  1. Poster presentation (or acceptance) of original research at refereed state, regional, national, or international meetings - or Perry Poster day, UB Neuroscience Day, SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference.
  2. Platform presentation (or acceptance) at refereed state, regional, national, or international meetings.
  3. Acceptance or publications in a refereed professional journal including but not limited to research articles, review article, abstracts, editorials.

Leadership and contribution to Health Professions

  1. Holds membership in professional organizations at the local, state, regional, national, or international level.
  2. Participates in community projects that benefit the community.
  3. Utilizes professional abilities for the community's benefit (Adaptive Sports).
  4. Participates in services to under-served communities.
  5. Volunteers at charitable events.
  6. Recognized for having a positive impact on peers.
  7. Podcast itself as a project/or reporting their community service in the form of a podcast.

Student Inductees of 2023

Athletic Training

  • Caleb Hancock
  • Erica Kachaylo


  • Mel Camp
  • Jess Lewis
  • Hannah Strassburg

Occupational Therapy

  • Brianna Egan
  • Alex Gross
  • Alyssa Lewis
  • Haley Loss
  • Michaela McDaniels
  • Christine Ngo
  • Nayh Seonarain
  • Emilee Walker
  • Meredith Wheelock                                       

Physical Therapy

  • Brandon Birner
  • Jack Dixon
  • Kailey Duncan
  • Owen Green
  • Samantha Hjelmar
  • Sophia Manzi
  • Kathryn Missert
  • Nicolas VanDomelen

Student Inductees of 2022

Athletic Training

  • Marie Pettitt


  • Lydia Champagne
  • Courtney Cole
  • Brooke Roys

Occupational Therapy

  • Christiana Berge
  • Emily Brown
  • Shelby Doyle
  • Katie Janson
  • Kellie Kostek
  • Abby Kubiak
  • Oscar Martinez
  • Kathryn Ronn
  • Olivia Torres                                            

Physical Therapy

  • Alec Chelton
  • Zachary Kuntz
  • Michael Mammoser
  • Mardi Mangus
  • Alexandria Metzger
  • Steven Notaro
  • Noah Rockmore
  • Julia Spier

Faculty members

  • Robert Burkard
  • Nadine Fisher
  • Turquessa Francis
  • Deanna Hostler
  • Nicole Klem
  • Sarah Krzyzanowicz
  • James Lenker
  • Melanie Merrill
  • Vijay Muthaiah
  • Kirk Personius
  • Sharon Ray
  • Sue Ann Sisto
  • Jan Tona
  • Juli Wylegala