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Jeffrey R. Sam

Jeffrey R. Sam.

After extensive research into physical therapy programs, Jeffrey R. Sam chose to attend UB because it was one of the few schools where he could earn a DPT degree within six years. UB’s three-year, graduate professional program follows three years of undergraduate exercise science coursework.

Finances were also a factor. “The costs to go here were substantially lower than the private schools that I was accepted to,” he said.

“I enjoy that this program starts off with the exercise science track because you take a lot of courses in your undergraduate career which normally you would take in graduate school such as neuroscience/anatomy, gross human anatomy, biomechanics and athletic injury,” said Sam. “Since we have taken these courses as undergraduates, this leaves more time in graduate school to be on clinical internships where we will be learning through hands-on experiences with actual patients.”

Sam also appreciated the preparation for that clinical training. “We have used the Behling Simulation Center and been placed in realistic situations where we were able to use material we learned in lecture in a safe simulation. All of these aspects of the DPT program have helped me become more confident and prepared for my first clinical.”

Comprehensive Education

In addition to the academic and clinical preparation, the program offers opportunities to build on key interpersonal skills.

“We’ve had to create multiple presentations, as well as group projects, which have helped me develop as a student and a professional,” he said. “Working in groups and presenting has helped me improve my communication and leadership skills. These skills are essential when working in the health care field because of the amount of teamwork needed between physicians, nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists.”