Aging and Technology Research Center

An older woman walking across a lab in a rehabilitation science study.

A participant being assessed for gait stability.

The Aging and Technology Research Center is dedicated to promoting health and independent living among older adults and their caregivers. The center researches technological solutions to problems associated with aging.

What's Happening Now

The Virtual Group Exercise at Home (V-GEAH) randomized controlled trial, funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), was completed. The results of the V-GEAH study were published in the journal "Gerontology and Geriatrics."

Barbara, a participant in the trial study, walks for 45-minutes every day with John (who joined her walking) in her apartment community room. She also does Tai-chi and a group exercise once a week and still does the Week 24 exercise (last V-GEAH exercise) almost every day using ankle weights.

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