Foundational Competencies

Requirement for CHB, EEH and STA 630 Culminating Project

We prepare graduates to address the most critical public health issues our world faces. Essential skills in addressing health disparities are the ability to work with diverse populations; understand issues of equity; recognize and appreciate cultural values; and improve health communication, advocacy and policy making. Applying these skills can help to mitigate health inequities.

Students must address at least one diversity-related foundational competency from the list as one of the three foundational competencies addressed in their culminating project, which is the final requirement to earn the MPH degree:

  • #6 Discuss the means by which structural bias, social inequities and racism undermine health and create challenges to achieving health equity at organizational, community and societal levels.
  • #8 Apply awareness of cultural values and practices to the design or implementation of public health policies or programs.
  • #14 Advocate for political, social or economic policies and programs that will improve health in diverse populations.
  • #15 Evaluate policies for their impact on public health and health equity.
  • #20 Describe the importance of cultural competence in communicating public health content.